Spontaneous, entertaining, and trasformational versions of this speech presentation is for: YOUTH, COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES, CORPORATE STAFFS, & FAITH-BASED ORGANIZATIONS.


Kenyon R. Dudley will knock your socks off with his 1 hour raw, relevant, and relatable message of reaching your highest potential and walking in purpose in every aspect of your life. Some of us wait decades before we actually take the chance, make the change, be the leader, or simply put our best foot forward. Often times, it's too late. Kenyon R. Dudley brings a powerful message that challeneges you to embrace your purpose NOW no matter your past or current obstacles. DO IT ANYWAY! 


Topics to choose from are:


  1. "Do It Anyway"
  2. "Finding Courage to Live Free"
  3. The Quarter-Life Crisis: A Spiritual Journey Back to Self for 20-30 Something Year Olds


This product is for groups 500 or less. Groups over 500 please contact our HQ office for special pricing.


The Speak Life Tour: Do It Anyway (invite Kenyon to speak)

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