Informative, motivational, entertaining, and trasformational 1-on-1 coaching is for: YOUTH, YOUNG ADULTS, & ADULTS WHO HAVE OR ASPIRE TO HAVE A CAREER AS A PREACHER, PUBLIC PRESENTER, LEADER, OR MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. 


Kenyon R. Dudley will take 6 hours to go in-depth with you as it relates to the speaking business. 1 hour Lunch is included. During this intensive tell-all session, Kenyon will cover the following:


  • Finding or Upgrading Your Niche
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Kenyon's Personal Preparetion & Practice Tips
  • How to Land Speaking Engagements
  • Kenyon's Personal Speaking Techniques (Behind the Black Magic Curtain)
  • and more...


For group rates please contact our HQ office for special pricing

Kenyon's 1-on-1 Coaching & Development for Public Speakers

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  • 1.) Please be sure that you have spoken with a representative of our HQ office to confirm Kenyon R. Dudley's availability for your event date(s). 


    2.) Once your date has been confirmed with our office, please ensure that you have made your Event Speaker purchase order online at


    3.) After you've purchased, please download Mr. Dudley's Event Rider (on Speaker One-Sheet Page). Fill it out completely, scan it, and email a copy back to 


    4.) Then, feel free to call our HQ office to confirm receipt of payment, all documents, and to communicate any further questions or comments that your team may have in reference to your event. 


    NOTE: All payments for Kenyon's speaking engagements must be made in the following form: 1.) Deposit (which is 1/2 the set price) to secure the speaker on your event date, and 2.) the remaining balance is due immediately after the speaker completes his program speech. All deposits are non-refundable.


    All other products and services must be paid in full to secure your receipt of the product or service. 

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