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A prolific millennial voice and thought-leader that's making an impact on a global scale.

Kenyon R. Dudley is just that. From singing on stages across the world, to authoring and publishing thought-provoking books that lead to healing, to leading imperative conversations and strategy implementation in the arenas of healthcare, publishing, ministry, and arts and entertainment; Kenyon's main motive is the same: Love and Healing for the world.

He is the Co-Founder of DudleyVision Inc. and Naomi’s Connect Technology, LLC, and the Acts Experience Incorporated which houses entities such as Dudley Publishing House, Dudley Media Group, and The Church of Acts, Kenyon R. Dudley, keeps very busy each day implementing and managing full-scale strategies and operations that will better the local and global community. His goal is effectiveness.

His experience spans across the borders of Psychology and Mental Health (BA, Mercer University), Ministry, Media and Publishing, Arts and Entertainment, and Business. With over 20 years of ministry experience and 10 years of Corporate America experience, Kenyon R. Dudley brings a wealth of knowledge to every culture and system.

He is the creative brain behind the Acts Experience University (AEU), the virtual university that he and his wife, Jasmine Dudley, founded in 2020. AEU is a library of training content and resources created to equip a generation to live a revival lifestyle as leading church and marketplace ministers of the Gospel. With a hybrid approach, the online university offers a vault of live and prerecorded courses such as online MasterClasses, LifeClasses for virtual and in-person discipleship groups, and both online and in-person ministry courses that lead you to become an AEU Graduate and Alumni that is eligible for becoming an AEU Instructor for future courses.


He is the father of two (2) biological children, an adoptive father, and a canny modern-day apostolic voice and spiritual father. 

"Pastor Kenyon Dudley preaches the unadulterated Word of God without Compromise, but with relevance. He mentally coaches the mind of a pastor with care and creativity. And his counseling team of professionals exude his same passion to counsel from the heart."

- Apostle Valerie Davis (Pastor) 

"Kenyon's professionalism is unmatched."

- J. Dudley (Author, Founder of J. Dudley Ministries, Dudleyvision, Inc, and JBD Financial Group)


"I'm honored to know Kenyon. His speaking and writing is nothing short of creative and innovative. And his energy, love for people, and his passion are infectious."

- Dr. Glenda Sherman (Pastor, Dean of SGT Private School Academy, and Founder of GSM


"Kenyon R. Dudley's ability to speak to just about any crowd and still stir their hearts and minds to action is unbelievable! We'll be seeing more of this Millennial on stages around the globe!"

- Dr. J.L. Cruse-Craig (Project Director, Delta Research and Educational Foundation)


"Kenyon's creative genius is unparalleled. I'm proud to have experienced his passion and impact within the ministry and education industries."

- Dr. Gregory Sherman. (Pastor, Founder & Dean of SGT Bible Institute)


"I am so impressed with this gentleman. Kenyon R. Dudley is certainly a force to be reckoned with. His theatrics while he speaks draws you in and takes you on a journey of discovery and lands you right into purpose."

- Dee Daniels (Talent Manager, Sheer Talent Managemnt Group, Los Angeles)